Policies and Procedures

Covid-19 Update 2020

1. Your safety is our main priority. Meet and Greets are available by zoom calls OR in person. We can meet in our outside your home for our Meet and Greet. We will stay masked and at least 6 feet apart. We have stepped up our sanitation measures. In addition to our normal hand washing upon arrival and departing your home, we are also taking care to sanitize each doorknob and surface we come in contact with, at the end of each service.

We will provide our own leash for dog walking services. Please leave your dog harnesses on (leave muzzles and gentle leaders off, for safety.)

2. We are up and running with updated safety protocols. For each service, we will enter your home with a face mask on and our hands freshly sanitized. All surfaces and doorknobs we come in contact will be lysol’d at the end of every visit. For dog walking clients, we will provide our own leash. Whenever possible, please have your dogs harness on prior to service. Please do not put on gentle leaders or prong collars prior to service.

For new client Meet & Greets, there is the option for an in-home consultation performed from a safe distance with face masks on or through video chat (ie. Zoom.)